TC’s RPAS Task Force Releases Consultation Summary

Transport Canada’s RPAS Task Force has just released a summary of an information meeting held with UAS Industry members, on May 23 in Ottawa with both in-person attendance as well as participation across Canada via teleconference.

The Task Force provided an overview of the almost 700 submissions that it received from consultion submissions received as part of the CG1 process.

The RPAS Task force signaled a potential and welcome loosening of some of the more restrictive aspects of the proposed regulations issued in CG1 based on the feedback sent to TC, but raised more questions, unveiling  a “SAFE” engineering concept for new UAS aircraft that will be required for complex operations, with no definition or indication when that definition will be available.

In addition, the RPAS team was not able to define a specific timeline other than 2018 for the availability of the new regulations and warned that all these proposed modifications are subject to approval by Justice.

While we heartily applaud the initiative of Transport Canada to reach out to the Canadian UAS Industry with an update and an overview of the changes under consideration, many in the UAS Industry are still struggling with the current restrictive regulations and the continuing lack of clarity on UAS Aircraft specifications and timelines. It is critical to get the regulations solidified and published as soon as practicable.

The meeting summary is available here…

executive summary – consultation session on rpas regulations

and here in French.

résumé – séance de consultation concernant le règlement sur les satp