Leading the Way for the Remotely-Piloted Industry.

Aerial Evolution Association of Canada is the national industry association representing entrepreneurs, businesses, students academia, industry, and government organizations working in the aerial, remotely-piloted systems sector.

We are committed to promoting public awareness, education and appreciation for the social, economic, and environmental benefits that RPAS systems can provide.

AEAC is a Canadian-registered not-for-profit association founded in 2003 by a small group of entrepreneurs and visionaries who were committed to protecting and representing the interests of Canada’s RPAS community.

This community of innovative thinkers has grown far beyond its government, research and military roots to include students, academia, industry, and investors who are innovating across Canada with new inventions and applications for aerial technology.

Our Mission Statement

As Canadians, we are blessed to live, play and work in the second largest country in the world.  Remotely-piloted and unmanned vehicle systems have a role to play in helping to explore, protect, monitor, and better understand this magnificent country. As Canada’s national industry association, we are committed to working with our members and partners to host events, support outreach activities and encourage scholarships, projects and partnerships that support sector investment, innovation and growth.

Our mission is

“To represent the interests of Canada’s remotely-piloted and unmanned vehicle systems community of businesses, industry, academia, government, military, and other interested persons at home and abroad.”