2021 Mark Cuss Memorial Scholarship Recipient

The Mark Cuss Memorial Scholarship is open to undergraduate studies at any recognized Canadian University. It is a cash scholarship of $2,500 to be awarded annually to student winners of an essay writing competition upon proof of enrollment in a qualifying institution.

This year the winner of the 2021 Mark Cuss Memorial Scholarship is Samuel Nadler. Mr Nadler is enrolled in 4th year of a BEng in Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University. His transcript indicates a fairly strong student, and he will be pursuing graduate studies starting May 2022 as a student in the NSERC CREATE Uninhabited aircraft systems Training, Innovation and Leadership Initiative (UTILI) led by Carleton University.

Mr Nadler’s essay was original in format and style. In his essay, Mr Nadler made a case for drones to replace manned aviation on the most hazardous routes in Northern Canada. He candidly shared with the reader about his personal story, explaining how, from studying aviation at Seneca College to become a pilot, health-related circumstances led him to work with drones and as a student in aerospace engineering at Carleton University instead.