USC-STC Comments on Recent Drone Flight over Raptors’ Victory Parade

Ottawa – June 20, 2019: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  

Canada’s largest organization representing the autonomous vehicle sector – Unmanned Systems Canada/Systèmes Télécommandés Canada (USC-STC) – shares concerns regarding a drone flight that occurred during the Raptors Victory parade in Toronto this week.

On Monday, fans from Toronto and around the world came together in the downtown core to celebrate the Raptors’ victory as NBA Champions. The crowd, estimated near 2 million people, was a unique event in Canada’s sporting history, and was widely broadcast around the world.

As shown on social media and on networks, aerial footage shot from a drone captured the scene as it unfolded below. This unique view from above showcased how drone technology has become widely used to see the world from a unique perspective.

However, to do this safely and legally, particularly over large gatherings of people, flights like this need to be performed in accordance with the new Canadian RPAS rules that went into effect on June 1 this year.

“Drone pilots across Canada, both recreational and commercial, including members of our association, have been registering their drones and hard at work to pass online exams to fly safely under the new drone rules,” says Mark Aruja, USC–STC Chair. 

Mark added “We urge pilots, such as the ones who took this footage, to get familiar with the new rules, and to use their social media outreach to not only showcase the capabilities of these drones but also to highlight the need to learn about and abide by the new regulations.”

“USC-STC hopes this can be seen as a ‘teachable moment’ for drone operators in Canada to learn about and comply with the new regulations,” says USC–STC’s Regulatory Committee Chair, Robert Lefebvre, “to avoid unsafe or illegal flights that may lead to Transport Canada stepping in to fine or charge these operators.

More information about the Canadian Aviation Regulations, Drone Registration and Exams as well as Drone Safety can be found at the Transport Canada website at You can also get more information at

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