New Unmanned Canada.19 Program

As you can imagine, any conference of this scope has a lot of moving parts. Agendas can change, speakers can opt-out (or in) – and the overall program can shift.

It happens with every conference, and it has happened with UC19Ottawa.

Today, we have issued our *final* Conference Program. We say *final* because, well, things can still change.

That being said, this is pretty much a lock. And should the unexpected occur, you’ll be able to see any changes in real-time with the Unmanned Canada.19 Conference App (which we will be unveiling very soon).

That app, by the way, will prove invaluable. You can schedule the events you’d like to attend, make B2B connections, watch for any program changes in real-time…and much, much more. Plus, the app will work for an entire year! Just think of how easily you’ll be able to look up businesses or make B2B connections – long after UC19Ottawa is over.

Of course, in order to exploit the app to its full potential, you’ll need to register and have your profile and contact information loaded up. So *please* – if you have not already done so – register now. You can do that right here. (And if you’ve got a good profile photo, please have it handy for the app.)

As for the new and updated Conference Program, please take a moment and download the brochure via this link.

Take a moment to read it. We believe you’ll be as excited as we are.