Federal RFI Invites Industry Input

In another sign that the role of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems will only continue to grow, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) is seeking opinions from those active in the Industry. Specifically, PSPC is looking for input on the development of a proposed procurement for surveillance and inspection services that use RPAS capabilities.

This RFI is actually quite a big deal. That’s because the requested feedback is intended to finalize a potential national Standing Offer/Supply arrangement that will be available for all federal government entities, and perhaps other levels of government including provincial and municipal. (Some of you may recall this is a followup to the industry consultations held in conjunction with UnmannedCanada.17 in Toronto.)

There are multiple objectives of this RFI and subsequent engagement activities. They include:

A. Obtain Industry consultation that will aid in the development of the technical requirement and the potential procurement; 

B. Allow potential service provider to assess and comment on the adequacy and clarity of the requirements as currently expressed (draft RFSO); 

C. Allow potential service provider to offer suggestions regarding potential alternative solutions that would meet the requirement; and 

D. Allow potential service provider to comment on the proposed procurement elements.   

We encourage USC-STC members with an interest in this RFI to get involved by submitting proposals prior to the January 6, 2020 deadline. This is an important opportunity to help shape the future RPAS procurement process in Canada. You can find full details at this link.

If there observations or concerns which you believe should be addressed at a national level by Unmanned Systems Canada / Systèmes Télécommandés Canada, please provide written comments to the Executive Director at [email protected] 

Please use: “PSPC RFI” in the subject line.