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Free SFOC template

Updated March 2018: Transport Canada in 2017 has instituted a new process for SFOC applications, including a new PDF form. You can get that form at this link. This form can be emailed with the required documentation to the email addresses listed on the form. A Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC), a certificate issued by Transport […]

Drone Wars – Episode IV

In a time of new discoveries, the skies are filled with drones. One department will step up and try to restore understanding across the galaxy. Spreading a message of peace, order and good governance among drone users and regulators, Transport Canada will enlist the help of civilians, law enforcement and officials from across the galaxy. […]

Transport Canada UAV Regulations

More and more people are using unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), sometimes commonly called drones, for work and research. Transport Canada is working hard to regulate their use to keep the public and our airspace safe. Before you fly your UAV, make sure you understand the rules that apply and follow them. Below are interesting clips published […]

US Government Accountability Office Reviews FAA Progress on UAS

Published last month, this report describes the GAO’s judgements of FAA progress towards the objectives defined in the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012.  It is a fairly lengthy report (44 pages) – the bottom line seems to be indicated in Appendix 2: the 2012 Act identified 17 specific requirements, of which 9 were […]

Deadline for UAV NPA Comments is Rapidly Approaching – August 28th !

On May 28th the Hon. Minister Lisa Raitt announced Transport Canada’s Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) to the Civil Aviation Regulations concerning the operation of Unmanned Aircraft under 25 kg within Visual Line of Sight. The deadline for public comments on the UAV NPA is August 28th. This is your chance to have your voice […]

Comments on Transport Canada’s NPA

Four individuals from Unmanned Systems Canada have developed a series of opinions regarding the Transport Canada NPA on UAVs.  Your comments on these opinions are requested (via the associated comment section of this article) to ensure that the final USC-STC submission reflects the needs and opinions of the membership of our organization.  You can also […]

Transport Canada to conduct consultations with UAS Sector

On July 9th, Unmanned Systems Canada learned of Transport Canada’s intention to host round table discussions on the UAV NPA over the next three weeks.  Sessions will be held in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Moncton.  Due to limited space, the events will be by invitation only, and these invitations will be sent out to […]

Unmanned Systems Canada Develops a Summary of the TC NPA

On May 28th, the Minister of Transport announced a Notice of Proposed Amendment, which solicits comments on proposed regulation for Small UAVs (below 25 Kg operated within Visual Line of Sight).  To assist our members in understanding the NPA, we have spent some time performing a detailed review and have developed a “simplified summary” of the document. […]

Unmanned Systems Canada Represents the Membership at the Minister of Transport’s UAV Round Table

At 11:00 AM EST today in Ottawa the Hon. Minister Lisa Raitt convened a UAV Roundtable with a broad sample of industry stakeholders in attendance. A key element of the discussion was Transport Canada’s announcement of the Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) to the Civil Aviation Regulations concerning the operation of Unmanned Aircraft under 25 […]

Transport Canada Announces NPA for Small UAV within Visual Line of Sight

At a round table meeting with industry stakeholders, the Honorable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, announced a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations that would focus on Small UAV (under 25 Kg) for visual line of sight operations. Quick Facts The current rules will remain in effect until the new regulations are […]