Canada is the ‘Country of Honour’ at FAMEX 2019

Unmanned Systems/Systèmes Télécommandés Canada encourages companies to apply for CanExport funding to attend FAMEX in Mexico this April

If your company is looking to build your international network of suppliers and buyers and export products, services or expertise…consider applying now for CanExport funding to attend FAMEX as part of the Canadian delgation.

FAMEX is monstrous international aerospace and defence trades show that takes place every two years in Mexico City – and CANADA is the Country of Honor in 2019!

According to Christophe Chaffat from Canada’s Trade Commissioner (Délégué commercial | Delegado comercial) office in the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City, over 40+ Canadian participants attended FAMEX 2017 and had significant results, including:

  • Over 50 business leads
  • 15 Request for Quotations  
  • Over $7 million (CDN) in short-term sales
  • Over $20 million (CDN) in medium-term sale

Companies exhibiting within the Canadian Pavilion at FAMEX 2019 have access to the following benefits:

  • Exclusive use of a stand in the Canadian pavilion
  • Exclusive networking event
  •  Increased visibility as – “Canada, Country of Honour”
  • Personalized matchmaking (B2B Meetings)
  • Transportation to/from the trade show
  • Free of charge aircraft display
Join the Canadian Delegation at FAMEX 2019!

CanExport is a multiyear risk-sharing program that aims to help Canadian SMEs diversify their markets and take advantage of growth opportunities abroad. CanExport provides matching contributions to eligible SMEs ranging from $10,000 to a maximum of $50,000 per project, for a maximum contribution of $99,999 per recipient, per year.

A wide variety of activities to support the export of goods and services into new markets are eligible for funding support, including, but not limited to:

  • Business travel to target markets;
  • Participation at trade fairs and trade missions;
  • Adaptation of marketing tools for new markets;
  • Intellectual property protection, certification, or adaptation of contracts for target markets;
  • Business, tax or legal advice for target markets; and
  • Market research.

More details on CanExport and a link to the online application form can be found at

CanExport brings real results that strengthens Canada’s economy:

  • CanExport has allowed TCS clients to achieve over 250 Economic Outcomes Facilitated (EOFs) and 330 Opportunities Pursued (OPs) in the last fiscal year;
  • 42% of projects have generated new exports within the first year; and
  • Our most recent calculations indicate that over $375 million in new exports were reported by clients at project completion.

Canadian success stories can be found on CanExport’s testimonial page.

If you have any questions about CanExport or require any social media or web-friendly content to post on your mission’s website, or if you would like to flag a CanExport success story, contact the CanExport team directly.

You may also wish to email Chris Thornley, Director General responsible for the CanExport program. Be sure to mention that USC-STC sent you!

About FAMEX 2019
Visit their website (various translation services available)
This commercial airshow is organized by the Mexican Air Force in the fields of military and civil aviationdefence and security technology, unmanned aerial vehicles, and aerospace supply chain. FAMEX is also an excellent opportunity to promote aircrafts and training services.