Call for Presentations

Unmanned Canada 2016 – CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS

– Note – EXTENDED DEADLINE: June 10, 2016   5pm EDT

Unmanned Systems Canada will be holding its internationally renowned Annual Conference 1-3 November 2016 in Edmonton, AB to present Canadian and international experience and innovation in the field of Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) technologies. The success of the UVS sector is based on imaginative integration and application of existing and emerging technologies from many disciplines, international collaboration and innovative management of design, manufacture and operation.  Unmanned Vehicle Systems are finding new and expanding civilian and military applications in all areas of UVS technologies: Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV).

Presentations are sought from Canada and internationally on all subject areas related to unmanned vehicle systems, research and development, case studies, operational experience and recent innovations, including but not limited to, the following themes:

  • UVS Training and Simulation
    • Pilot/Operator, sensor and mission command qualifications and training.
  • Public Safety and Security
    • First Responders/Search & Rescue
    • Arctic Sovereignty
    • Port/Border Security
    • Law Enforcement
    • Wildfire Support
    • Ethical and Legal Considerations
  • Civil and Commercial Applications
    • Industry Experience with UVS
    • Environmental Monitoring and Research
    • Precision Agriculture
    • Wildlife Surveys/Management
    • Aggregates and Construction
    • Infrastructure planning
    • As-built modelling
    • Corridor mapping (hydro and pipeline)
    • Environmental compliance reporting
    • Marine, Littoral, and Ground Applications
  • Regulatory Advancements
    • UAS Integration into Civil Airspace
    • An ATC Perspective
    • Safety management
    • Manufacturing and reliability
  • Military Applications
    • Military Unmanned System Development and/or Operations
    • Weapon Delivery
    • Asymmetric Warfare/C-IED
    • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
    • Cargo/Re-supply Support Systems
  • UVS Sensors and Data Integration
    • Multi-sensor Integration and Data Fusion
    • Processing and Feature Extraction
    • Photogrammetry and LiDAR
    • Radar
    • New sensor capabilities/applications
  • R&D / Emerging Technologies
    • Automation and Autonomy
    • Sense and Avoid, Machine Perception
    • Human Factors (MMI)
    • Communications
  • Technical Interoperability Standards

       Abstract Deadline: June 10, 2016  5 pm EDT     Notification of Acceptance:  June 2016 

Those wishing to present are invited to submit an abstract (max. 250 words) with title and author biography (max. 200 words) in .docx or PDF format to [email protected] prior to 10 June 2016.

Authors are asked to identify an associated theme from the list above (as applicable) to help categorize their submission.  Presenters will be notified of acceptance of their submission by the end of   June 2016.  If you would like to discuss your proposed presentation prior to submitting your abstract, please contact the Conference Committee at [email protected].


Each presentation will be allotted a total of 25 minutes, including questions and discussion, unless determined otherwise with the Conference Committee.  Presented material will be compiled in proceedings and will be available on the Unmanned Systems Canada website following the Conference.  One speaker per presentation is entitled to the reduced speaker registration fee.  Presentations are to be submitted in MS PowerPoint format.  Conference language for all abstracts and presentations is English.

Abstract Deadline: June 10, 2016  5 pm EDT   Notification of Acceptance: June 2016



An abstract (summary of the content of the presentation) must be submitted in an MS Word format for approval to Unmanned Systems Canada by June 10, 2016. The abstract must be no longer than 250 words and must not contain any graphics or photographs. Abstracts will be reviewed for quality and relevance.  Speakers will be notified by end of June 2016 of the acceptance of their submission into the program.  Accepted abstracts longer than 250 words or containing graphics/photographs will be returned for editing to meet the maximum word length and requirements. Ensure that submission contains a Title for the presentation.


A biography of the speaker (summary of the speaker’s history and experience) must be submitted in an MS Word or PDF format to Unmanned Systems Canada with the abstract by June 10, 2016. The biography must be no longer than 200 words. If the abstract is accepted but the biography is longer than 200 words, it will be returned for editing. A photo is not required.


The presentation must be constructed in MS PowerPoint, compatible with Office 2007 and provided at the Speaker Registration Desk no later than 07:00 on the morning of the scheduled presentation. Presentations can be provided on a returnable memory stick or DVD/CD. It is recommended that presentations be delivered in their own folder with any embedded video set to run from the base folder provided. Presentations are scheduled for 20 minutes in length followed by a 5 minute Q&A period.


The presentation must follow the content of the submitted abstract and be of interest to the unmanned systems community (land, sea or air).  Presentations must not be of a purely commercial advertising nature; those deemed by the Technical Committee to be so, will not be accepted.


Unmanned Systems Canada will publish the abstract and speaker’s biography in the Conference Handbook which is made available to all Conference registrants. In addition, Unmanned Systems Canada makes all Conference presentations available to members and conference attendees for download from the Unmanned Systems Canada Website. If the presentation contains material that should not be published, then speakers may edit their presentation file for posting.


There are often media present from the sector magazines and freelance writers –most are on-site for the duration of the conference. Also, as the UVS sector has garnered more public interest, the mainstream media, usually specific to the conference local, are increasingly in attendance. Normally there are only a few and usually for short periods of time targeting a specific story line or just general coverage of the sector activities and/or the association.   Speakers should expect that media may be present in the speaking room. All media, including exhibitors from the sector magazines, are identified on their badge as media.  They are instructed to identify themselves if asking a question so the speaker is aware they are media and reserves the right to not respond or choose to meet that media representative after his/her session.  They are not provided access to presentations posted nor is any recording allowed.  As a speaker, let us know in advance is you expressly do not wish media to attend your presentation and that instruction will be relayed to any media that may be registered. We have no issues with any past speakers in this regard.   For further information contact: [email protected].


Speakers are entitled to a significantly reduced conference registration fee that reflects Unmanned Systems Canada’s direct costs for each attendee. This reduced registration fee provides the speaker with access to the full conference program. Only one speaker is entitled to the reduced conference registration fee for each presentation. Speakers are required to register a minimum of 60 days prior to the conference start.


If the speaker is only attending the conference on the scheduled day of their presentation, the registration fee may be waived. In that event the speaker will have access to the conference activities of that day including morning and afternoon breaks, lunch, and access to the exhibition hall and speaking rooms from 08:00 to 17:00. If the speaker wishes to attend evening events a fee will be charged.


If a speaker is unable to attend or present for any reason a substitute may be designated by contacting Unmanned Systems Canada for approval. A short explanatory note is requested, along with a biography of the substitute speaker.


It is Unmanned Systems Canada’s policy not to pay honorariums and/or travel costs associated with speaker attendance at the Conference.

CONTACT:  Questions or submissions should be directed to:  [email protected]