Teara is a changemaker, bridgebuilder, and co-creator who values love, liberty, courage, and community. Becoming a pilot was transformational, truly giving this young Métis woman wings and her feisty entrepreneurial spirit led her to become the first indigenous woman to launch an airline in Canada.

Teara serves as vice-chair for the British Columbia aviation council and is an industry partner in the Canadian air mobility consortium. Teara sees herself as a bridge builder between traditional air service and the sustainable technology of the future. She is beyond excited to contribute to decolonizing, decarbonizing, and transforming the aviation industry for a better future for humans, all of our relatives, and mother earth.

Teara is the visionary behind the Raven Institute, Ravenspeak, give them wings, and indigenous lift collective. She holds a Master of Arts in leadership degree from royal roads university, and she is a certified executive coach. The journey of learning now takes her back to royal roads as associate faculty in the Master of Arts in leadership program and to Fielding University where she is studying in the human development Ph.D. program.

You can reach Teara at [email protected]