Simran Sagoo is an Aerospace Engineering student at Ryerson University. During her time, Simran has become a community leader involved with the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students, the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, Engineers Without Borders, and the Ryerson International Hyperloop Team, representing Ryerson at the International and national level. 

Simran has led and worked on initiatives promoting equity, diversity and inclusion practices within the engineering community. She served as the Program Committee Member for the Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CDE). (CDE) brought together 200 engineering students and industry leaders from across the country, to engage in conversation and learn how they can contribute to creating an inclusive culture within engineering. 

Simran has an incredible passion for emerging technologies and was recently appointed Team Captain of the Ryerson International Hyperloop Team after working as a member for nearly two years. Simran is the first female Captain of the team to have this position. She is looking forward to applying her passion for this new mode of technology, in the real world. Simran is looking forward to representing her peers on this distinguished board and learning from change makers in the Aerospace Industry.

You can reach Simran at [email protected]