Michael Nolan, M.A., DIP. ED, CCP(F) began his career in 1990 in Ottawa as a paramedic and has served clinically as an advanced care and critical care flight paramedic.

Administratively, Chief Nolan has contributed to the development of paramedic practice as a Professor, Deputy chief of the Ottawa paramedic service, director of emergency management for the city of Ottawa, president of the paramedic chiefs of Canada and is currently the director of emergency services and chief of the county of Renfrew paramedic service.

Chief Nolan continues to advance and align emergency services leadership through the creation of evidence-based research, government relations, policy development and the creation of standards for all emergency services. Chief Nolan has pioneered the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems as a fully integrated program to support paramedic and emergency management operations.

You can reach Michael at [email protected]