Kristin brings over 30 years of sales, marketing, corporate training, and business development expertise to USC-STC’S board of directors. Kristin entered ‘the drone world’ in 2015 as a co-founder of a drone management software company (Airmarket) and.was first nominated to USC-STCS board of directors in 2017. She continues to advance the Association’s strategic goals to promote drone safety and boost diversity and inclusion outcomes for under-represented groups in our sector, including females and indigenous peoples. 

Kristin is leading USC-STC’S initiative to support the growth of a national #womenindrones committee. her collaborative and unique approach is based on experiences gained by launching a marketing company (spiritlink communications) in 1999, her work to launch the BC chapter of the Canadian council for aboriginal business in 2000-, and two-decades entrepreneurship training and economic development work with over 30 indigenous communities. she earned a Master of Education degree in education from SFU in 2010 and has maintained her Canadian sales professional designation (CSP) designation since 1999. Kristin works to turn the spirit of reconciliation into reconciliaction and acknowledges that she is privileged to live, work, and play in Vancouver, BC on the beautiful, unceded traditional territories of the coast Salish peoples.

You can reach Kristin at [email protected]