Kathryn is a lawyer and partner at Dentons in Toronto. her key areas of practice and expertise include drone (RPAS) regulation and aviation. Kathryn advises clients from all corners of the drone industry, including drone operators, consumer associations, navigation service providers, production companies, start-up and technology companies and non-aviation companies from an array of industries engaging in drone services.

Kathryn is also a licensed fixed-wing aircraft pilot, a member of the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA), and holds an RPAS certificate for basic operations. Her intimate knowledge of Canadian airspace structure and air traffic rules and procedures inform her drone regulatory practice to ensure she provides strategic regulatory and business advice for companies in this emerging area. Kathryn’s more traditional aviation practice focuses on liability of commercial airlines, airports and air operators, and the regulatory framework in which they operate. 

You can reach Kathryn at [email protected]