Jason has been an integral part of emergency Management and response in New Brunswick over the last decade and has been instrumental in building capacity for emergency response in the province. Being appointed to the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization, he has served in the role of Regional Emergency Management Coordinator for Central and Southern New Brunswick. Jason was advanced to the position of Area Manager for all Central and Southern New Brunswick Regions and then subsequently promoted to the position of Provincial Planning Chief and Air Operations Manager.

In the last 3 years Jason has designed and coordinated the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Program for the New Brunswick Emergency Management Organization further increasing the reach of the team. Jason’s strategic, operational, tactical training, and experience has provided him with in-depth knowledge of Canada’s provincial emergency management response, plans and processes. He has applied those to the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety RPAS program with the intent of expanding that program and to assist partners in Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue and Correctional services.

The New Brunswick Department of Justice and Public Safety has created a new entity known as the JPS Air Operations Team headed by Jason with the purpose of using the RPAS and other Unmanned systems for the purpose of keeping New Brunswickers secure and safe.

You can reach Jason at [email protected]