Declan Sweeney is the Executive Director of Unmanned Systems Canada – Systèms Télécommandés Canada (USC-STC)

Declan is recognized as a champion and veteran of Canada’s unmanned systems industry, having been involved in the commercial sector in many senior leadership roles in both the private and public arenas. Declan began volunteering with USC-STC in 2008 in various capacities, including positions on the Board of Directors, Strategic and Regulatory Committees, Vice Chair of Strategy, as well as organizing and running the civil/commercial workshops for USC-STC’ s national annual industry conferences. In 2016, Declan received the Pip Rudkin Individual Achievement Award for over a decade of contributions that helped to establish and grow the unmanned vehicle sector across Canada.

Declan is also the Managing Director of Unmanned Solutions, an independent consulting group specializing in unmanned systems event management, research initiatives, business case studies and pilot projects. Declan holds an advanced RPAS pilot certificate with a flight reviewer rating.

You can reach Declan at [email protected]