Sean Adams is the CEO/President of 3 Points In Space Media Ltd. and with his team, is leading the emergency operations unmanned division for the Independent First Nations Alliance in Northern Ontario. 

Sean’s greatest passion is in mapping, specifically on Maritime archaeological sites. He has led and co-led many exciting archaeological discoveries using remote sensing and unmanned technologies. With this innate passion for science and exploration, Sean recently received the honour of being recognized as a new Fellow at the College of Fellows for the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.  

Sean has over 25 years of business management experience; growing, developing, and handling various large-scale automotive, nautical, and aerial operations. Sean has spent the last number of years focused on the aerial attack of forest fires using both manned and unmanned platforms.

Sean serves as the co-lead on Unmanned Systems Canada’s Flight Safety Action Team where the focus is on safety best practices and regulatory compliance to ensure safer skies. The team is committed to securing safety framework and regulatory development of RPAS operations in Canada.

Sean’s current work and focus on Indigenous safety and emergency operations is proving an invaluable opportunity to empower the youth of today. He ensures that students, members of USC-STC and the public have a place where they can get accurate information and support for the ever-changing RPAS industry in Canada.

You can reach Sean at [email protected]