Dr. Frederique Pivot grew up in France, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Since her early childhood, she developed a great passion for the polar region, which largely influenced her coming to Canada and her career choice as a remote sensing snow scientist. Dr. Pivot is a tenured assistant professor of physical geography and remote sensing at Athabasca University, Alberta. Her main research focuses on developing enhanced observing systems capabilities (technology and algorithms) for monitoring the spatio-temporal dynamics of snow and ice. For the past few years, Dr. Pivot has explored multi-stage remote sensing approaches using remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) for improving the collection of cryospheric information at different spatial scales and the retrieval accuracy of snow and ice parameters from space. Dr. Pivot obtained her first SFOC in September 2012.  

Dr. Pivot also works on developing technological ways to innovate the online teaching and learning of geography. She is collaborating with computer scientists to implement field work into her courses by means of mobile technology-guided field trips and collaborative virtual geographic environments. 

You can reach Frederique at [email protected]